SAP Business One for Pharmaceuticals & Life Science Industry

SAP Business One for Pharmaceuticals & Life Science Industry

Our Solution is special for Pharma formulation & API Manufacturing Industry.  It is Simple to use, Easy to implement, Flexible to customize and complete solution for the unique business processes and needs of the Pharma manufacturing units. Our Solution provide a total integrated solution, which enables lateral flow of information across departments hence bringing synchronization and efficiency in the working of an organization. It manages the need of all departments of manufacturing units viz. Accounts, Purchase, Inventory, Production & Planning, Marketing, Sales & Dispatches, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and other working control required across the departments to enhance accountability. Our vision not only provides an on line -transaction processing, quick analysis, a Decision Support System, a Reverse Tracking of Inventory, but also provides data control to minimize operational errors.

Our solution manages production formula management and MRP on the production. In this solution we can implement parameterized Quality check management process.


Product costing

Take advantage of costing methods, analysis, and financial controlling operations.


GMP Practice

SAP helps to follow Goods Manufacturing Practice in order to produce products with specified quality standards minimizing risks involved.


Manage the quality process, from purchased goods receipt to customer delivery.



BMR reports are generated over the predefined time period for stage wise production process. This information helps to reduce manual effort in the updating process.


Pharma is concerned mainly with its time period. It gives alerts and notifications to concerned representatives when a product meets expiry duration.



Batch processing and formulae for drug preparation are stored automatically in the web server so that concerned representatives can use them for production.


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