SAP Business One for Engineering Industry

SAP Business One for Engineering Industry

SAP is a total integrated solution, which enables lateral flow of information across departments hence bringing synchronization and efficiency in the working of an organization. It manages the need of all departments of engineering manufacturing units viz. Accounts, Purchase, Inventory, Production & Planning, Marketing, Sales & Dispatches, Quality Control and other working control required across the departments to enhance accountability. Our Engineering solution not only provides an on line -transaction processing, quick analysis, a Decision Support System, a Reverse Tracking of Inventory, but also provides data control to minimize operational errors .It enables system driven operations.

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ERP for Engineering Industry Features:-

  • Bill of Material & Production Routing Master
  • Budgeting
  • Multi-Level Bill of Material, single and parallel Routing
  • Production Capacity & Scheduling Management
  • Sub-contracting Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management Integrated with Production
  • execution
  • Shop Floor Entry Management & Approval
  • Stage wise WIP Inventory Tracking
  • Stage wise Rejection Tracking
  • Machine and Operator Efficiency
  • Filed Level Security Management
  • Assembly Order Management
  • After Sales Service for customers
  • Project wise Costing Management
  • Efficiency reports of Operators, Machines
  • Scrap Tracking and Scrap Percentage definition
  • Email notifications and alerts for workflow approvals
  • Activity Wise User Dashboard
  • Integration with Weighing Machine for tracking of WIP Inventory
  • Quality Module Integration with Inventory and Production
  • Gate Entry IN and OUT
  • Payment Milestone for Vendors and Customer.

Engineering Solution Functional Coverage

  • Complex & Multi-Level Bill of Materials Tracking
  • Sales Services Contracts and Warranty Tracking
  • Job-work and Subcontracting Management
  • Inventory Management with Make to Order Stock Scenario
  • Resources Management as per Engineering Projects
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Financial Management with Costing and Budgeting
  • Complete Order tracking


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